“Scott and Janet, Thank you for being such gracious hosts for our 20th wedding anniversary get away. We joked, “what would they do if we just flat refused to get in the boat and leave? “ God is good & we are grateful to Him for this week together in such an awesome setting. He’s just plain showing off here!” Mike and Christy.

Q: Treehouse Project: When will we be able to stay there?

A: The Treehouse is under construction and should be available Memorial Day 2020. We can accomidate up to 6 guests total at the Lodge, unless special arrangements are made. We will offer the Timberframe Lodge or the Treehouse Cabin seperatly to our guests, or combined for larger parties. A party of 4 people can stay with two in the Treehouse Cabin and two in the Timberframe Lodge. We also have a tree tent that sleeps 2-3 with access from the lower deck of the treehouse. So we can offer treehouse up to 4 guests, with the additional two-three tree tent guests at a reduced price. Call for a quote and availability. With some exceptions, we only book a maximum of 6 people at a time at the site. All arrangements are on a case by case basis, subject to availability.

Q; How do we get there?

A: There are three primary ways to get to Seldovia Harbor from Homer. Seldovia Bay Ferry, Smoky Bay Air, and Central Charters. Your transportation to Seldovia is included in your package via Seldovia Bay Ferry, a sleek fast catamaran that sails twice a day during the summer season. Arrive by sea, we will pick you up at the harbor. If you choose to (optional) fly, we will pick you up at the airport. Optional bear viewing, whale watching, glacier flight seeing can be arranged in advance with our trusted partners. Contact us before you travel to Seldovia so we can coordinate your arrival.

Q: What if we have more than 6 people?

The timberframe cabin is comfortable for up to four close friends and/or family. Coming soon, Treehouse and Tentsile Tree Tent Glamping! Your extra party members can sleep in a treehouse (under construction, opening Spring 2020) in the canopy of the rain forest, with the ocean out front, and a waterfall out back. Pictures posted soon. We can accommodate up to 6 people with this option. Ask about larger parties and special events. Weddings, honeymoons, larger groups. We are flexible if you are.

Q: Can we drive to Seldovia?

A: Only if you take the Alaska State Ferry. However, no car is needed, as everything is close in Seldovia and we have a 6 person side by side to take you around. The cabin is wilderness beach front, no road access. You will make a beach landing with the skiff, and exit on the beach. Good water proof or at least strongly water resistant footwear is recommended.

Q: What is the weather like?

It can range from warm and sunny T shirt weather to driving rain and cold. Best to dress in all weather layered clothing, with rain gear or water resistant clothing and footwear. It can be cold on the water, so be prepared.

Q: Does the bay get too rough to cross?

A: Seldovia Bay is friendly most of the time, and is generally protected. When the weather changes we get a SE wind that sometimes kicks up some mild to moderate waves. The skiff is well founded for its purpose, and is very seaworthy. There are some days that we elect to stay home and simply enjoy the back bay, but they are very rare. Either way, we can plan a daily adventure for every weather contingency.

Q: What about food?

We provide great food, starting with a hearty breakfast, a box lunch, and nice dinner, including the option to occasionally dine out on those special evenings in Seldovia, when attending a concert or after a long day of adventure. We do not provide adult beverages. Please bring your own and keep it in moderation. We can cook! Check out foodie pictures on the New Gallery page. We help with food allergies, special diets with advance planning. Talk to us!

Q: Adventures?

Chose from our published adventures, or we can custom design your own bucket list adventure. We can book your dream adventure with our trusted adventure partners.

Q: Special Events?

Seldovia’s 4th of July celebration is extra special, and very well attended. There are lots of fun activities. There are also monthly concerts, a chain saw carving contest, holiday celebrations, a summer solstice music festival, weekend music events at the Boardwalk Hotel, weekend bands at the Linwood Barr, several 5K type running events. Or just kick back and relax at your little slice of heaven on earth. Give us a call and we can let you know the special event that is coming up.

Q: What should I bring?

BYOB, warm weather proof layered clothing, sturdy water proof/resistant footwear, as you will be getting into and out of a skiff to access the beach front property. If you are an avid fisherman, bring your own poles or use ours. There are two general - food stores, a hardware store, and many unique shops and places to eat.

Q: What is included in the package?

Water transportation is included to and from Seldovia via Seldovia Bay Ferry. You must travel to Homer on your own. Seldovia Bay Ferry is located on the east side of the boat harbor near the south end. It sails twice a day, mornings and evenings. Call to coordinate time and logistics. All food, daily guided adventures, soft beverages, box lunches, with eagles nesting above cabin no extra charge. No TV, who needs it when God paints an ever changing pallet of light, clouds and water right out the front door!

Q: Bear viewing, whale watching, glacier flights, charter fishing?

A: All available, but these are all activities NOT included in the price, unless of course our neighborhood black bears make a showing on the beach in front of the cabin. We have trusted partners we recommend, and it is critical that you coordinate this with us in advance. Logistics must be thoughtfully planned to save you precious time and money. We are not fishing guides, but can help you with casual fishing from shore or arrange for a local Coast Guard approved “6 Pack” skipper to take you out.

Q: Kayaking?

A: Yes, we own KBay Kayaking, and we have two double sea kayaks, and two single sit on top fishing kayaks. We provide guided kayaking as one of your adventure options included in your package. The two fishing kayaks are perfect for paddling up to the head of the bay for self guided salmon fishing in mid to late summer. Bring you own fishing gear and appropriate lures/hoks. Snagging is legal in salt water.

Q; Hiking”

A: Yes, there are miles of beach you can hike right out the front door, but we get very big tides and you must be mindful to not get stranded by the tide. We take you to town where there are two primary trails, Rocky Ridge Trail and the Otterbahn Trail to Outside Beach. We also incorporate our 6 person side by side ATV to assist in some segments of the daily adventure tours. For the extreme hikers, we can take you on a very challenging all day trek into the alpine above Jackalof Bay.

Q: Cancellation policy?

A: 100% deposit at reservation to protect your time. 50% refund if cancelled within 30 days of arrival date. No refund if cancelled after 30 days before arrival date. We highly recommend travel insurance. Most people plan well in advance, and we lose the booking window if we lose your booking. If you cancel and we can re-book your time, we will reasonably work with you on a case by case basis.

Q: Bath Room?

A: There is hot and cold running water, with conventional plumbing, a hot tiled shower, and an inside toilet seat/bucket to avoid those night time runs to the very clean outhouse.

Q: Kitchen?

A: Hot and cold running water at the kitchen sink, fully stocked kitchen, teas, good coffee, spices, condiments, dairy, propane refrigerator, stove and oven. Your meals will be prepped and shared with the owners and other guests in the main Timberframe cabin. Or if your ask, we can prepare your meals for private dining. Daily lunch will be a sandwich, drink, chips. Let us know your preferences or food allergies. We will accommodate it!

Q: Solar off grid?

A: A small 12 volt battery system. LED lights, 110 V outlets for small light duty electrical needs. Battery charging for communication devices, and computers. No internet connection unless you use your cell phone as a WiFi. ATT cell does not work at the cabin, unless you climb the hill behind the cabin for a bit. Verizon and ACS work great, as we have a cell phone booster. No TV.

Q: Heat source?

A: Propane and wood stove. You will be comfortable! Well built and insulated cabin.

Q: Will we be left alone at the site?

A: Not unless you want to be left alone. We have staff or owners in attendance on site at all times to keep you safe and comfortable.

Q: Are there bears that we should be worried about?

A: The area is frequented by black bears, occasionally right out in front of the cabin, or you will see them come around the point. They usually take a trail above the cabin site to avoid contact. We have bear spray, and marine flares to haze them away. We also have firearms just in case. Your guide will usually be armed with a side arm when your are trekking in the rain forest. The cabin itself is very secure and bear safe. We have never had an negative incident, but we stay bear aware. These are wild and potentially dangerous animals. We are very mindful about garbage and food becoming an attractant. We live in our own cabin on site, so we are never far away.

Q: Are gratuities included?

A: No they are not. They are however, greatly appreciated!

Q: Emergency Services?

A: Seldovia has EMT’s and a clinic, as well as medivac. This is a wilderness lodge and we need to know if you have any health concerns, heart or diabetic issues. We can get help to get you out, but if your health is fragile. we need to discuss it in advance to assess the risk and plan appropriately. Notice: Failure to fully disclose potential serious health issues is done so at your own risk!

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