Discover Alaska’s Best Kept Secret

“Beautiful mountains, cloud shrouded peaks. Green trees & calm waters. Majestic views, treasured time together.” Ross, Milo, Anton & Anne, Maine

Seldovia Bay was first an Native Aluet Settlement because of the rich resources that sustained them. In the 1700’s Russians later settled in search of sea otter and seal pelts. In the late 1800’s it was the gateway to South Central Alaska, as Cook Inlet’s only ice free natural harbor at the time. Gold seekers from the lower 48 changed from sea boats to smaller boats in Seldovia Bay, that took them to the gold fields in the upper cook inlet tributaries. Seldovia is a picturesque, historic seaside town located Seldovia Bay on the south-western edge of Kachemak Bay. Seldovia still is not physically connected to the Alaskan road system. It’s what makes is such a special place! The Alaska Marine Highway ferry system is Seldovia’s road link to the rest of the world. Otherwise, Seldovia can only be reached by plane or by boat. Despite this, or even because of this, Seldovia is a thriving community built on creativity and adventure. Come meet the friendly locals that will make you feel welcome. Connections are convenient and easy, and transportation is included in the price for our full service lodge guests. Listed below are other business and attraction located in and around Seldovia. There’s always something exciting going on in Seldovia, check out the events calendar.